Monday, September 5, 2011

Apparently this has become a weight-GAIN blog...

Ok.. so this has went from a weight loss to a weight gain blog. I have officially surpassed my heaviest recorded weight ever.. This means I really have to get serious about stuff...

Here's the problem...
I started this weight loss blog in the middle of a hiatus from working out and exercising right.. Apparently when I go off of a plan I REALLY go off of it..
Go big or go home I always say.. and I am GOING BIG!!

Also, I just went home to see my family.. and home means FOOD! Lots of food. And good home-cooked food. That is one of my other problems.. I am lazy and don't cook as I should.. maybe if I cooked for myself and Cory at home, I would not eat out so much and also not sow down the home-cooked meals when I can!!

Here are the shameful measurements this week.
Weight- 277.4
Waist- 45
Bust- 49
Thigh- 29
Upper arm- 16

Well.. at least I am going back on a plan and can start losing the pounds and inches. I am starting to learn how to run. I am also going to start Weight Watchers this week. Now just have to prove to myself that I can get through SOMETHING without quitting!

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