Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be the Turtle!

Well anyone who reads this,
I am BACK!!

I took a bit of a hiatus.. like 5 months.. oops!!
I was SO stinking busy getting ready for the craziness that was the wedding that this.. and weight loss for that matter.. was the last thing on my mind.. Not going to lie.. I ate whatever I wanted, and didn't do jack squat for about a month after the wedding too.. and wow.. that wasn't such a good idea for me! So here I go again trying to be the fit and healthy person that I know I can be!
At least I hope I can be!

As I have said before.. I have always been fat.. I'm not one of those people who are trying to lose weight so they can get back into their high school size.. Let me tell you, I am still in my high school size.. and that is in no way an accomplishment! ;) That being said.. if I lose the weight I want to lose.. it will be like I am a new person.. A person I have never been... I have always been the fat one. I am always the fattest of my friends. I want so badly to not be.. but what would that be like??

Being fat makes you somewhat invisible. People don't necessarily seem to notice you.. and that kinda stinks..
I remember when I was still "wild" and single, my friends and I would go out to bars and such..and I never got hit on.. Which trust me was not my aim.. but still... Being the fat one was tough! And my friends are adorable!! What would it be like to have people actually notice me and not look past me? AGAIN.. do not want to be hit on.. I have the most amazing Husband.. but its nice to know you look good! Also.. some people seem to think that because of your size you are less qualified to do things.. or are lazy!! I want to not have this going against me when people first see me! I can prove to them I'm lazy without them assuming ;) lol

Being fat also makes you different. You can't shop at the same stores as your friends.. I love hanging out with my friends.. and since I am in fact a lady.. that often involves shopping. I love going accessory shopping because that is a "no friend left behind" activity. It was always a bit depressing going to pick out clothes though.. I knew that I would not be able to find anything in the stores my peeps went to.. and if I did.. it usually had to be in the fatty section.. oh joy... Also.. its pretty great telling your friends what size you wear.. that is something I ALWAYS dreaded.  I can't wait to see what it feels like to be able to go to any store in the mall and know that things will fit! I seriously can't imagine this yet! It will be so nice to pick a store because they have cute things, not because they have big girl sizes!! :) I can't wait!!

Well. Here's to the journey..can't wait until I get to write about the milestones I pass!!
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Be the Turtle!

Just to share..
My goals..
Be under 275 by January 1st
Weigh under 250 by my birthday
Weigh less than 200 by my first wedding anniversary 9/22/13
Be at my goal weight by the time I'm 30 4/14/2016

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