Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well.. I have started making some positive changes in my life! YAY!
I started up weight watchers, and I have found that having to write down what I eat really helps out with making better choices. If I know that I have to write everything down and see it later, it is so much easier to choose a piece of fruit over a brownie. I think I may even have some one.. like the Nels.. look at my logs.. I don't think he will honestly care.. but if I know someone else is seeing what I eat I will try harder to eat well! I've actually even lost some weight already! I am going to wait until Monday to do my weigh in and measurements so I give myself a full week of WW before I measure. Next thing to do is increase my activity!

As it says on the side of the page there.. I am going to start training with up and running online next week. I tried it last fall but stopped after one run.. I believe it was because of my sciatica.. but I am planning on seeing it through this time. I have decided that I am going to stop letting things beat me... I let this beat me last fall.. so I am going to conquer it this time around! :)

I have 3 weeks until FXB starts its new 10 week class, so I am going to focus on this.. running 3x's a week, and hopefully getting to the strength training classes at least once a week until then. I am going to try and hit up FXB hard when it starts the new 10 week. My bestie JK started in January with me.. and has done A LOT better than I have. I so want to be able to keep up with her. I need to get my behind in gear and do it.. I will work on that when the time comes.

Lets do this!

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