Monday, August 29, 2011

Number 2..

So.. FYI for anyone out there. When you eat like crap all week, you are bound to gain some weight. And.. oh I did!

Forgive me weight loss for I have sinned! I have been on a healthy eating kick for the past 10 weeks due to my Farrells, but now it is over.. and apparently so is my healthy eating!

I am going back on Weight Watchers starting the 1st full week of September, but I have been enjoying being off my diet! (to some extent...) I have found that I feel SO much better when I am eating better, so it will be nice to get back into the structure of a plan. YAY! And now I have a pretty dress to fit into so that makes a huge difference! :)

Well, lets get to it..
Weight 274.0 (up 3.2 pounds) Sad day...
Hips: 54.5
Waist 44
Bust 48
Thigh 29.75
Bicep 16.5

Well.. I know I need to keep on keeping on.. and eventually this will be a success!!

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